Mr & Mrs Wheatman - What a 'covid wedding' really looks like...

What a year it’s been for the world of weddings, from the uncertainty felt by couples to the sadness felt by the suppliers who were no longer able to get up each weekend and do what they love most. There’s no doubt the look of weddings in 2020 has been a little different to years previous. However, for the few couples that did choose to tie the knot - their intimate wedding days were full of so much love, hope and happiness.

Gemma and Tom booked in their wedding photography with me in 2018 for their June 2020 date, which due to the UK lockdown unfortunately was unable to go ahead. After a hard and long process they decided to move their date to December 2020 but ended up bringing it forward to October 2020 and how brilliant that they did as we’ve ended up in a second UK lockdown, of which this one has banned all weddings.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day...

Gemma getting ready at her parents house where she also spent the night before, sticking to the tradition of not seeing her fiance until they met at the aisle.

Gemma's Dad was the first to see her all ready for the big day and it was so lovely to capture this moment on camera.

Gemma was then surprised with a vintage classic car to take her to the venue Bearwood Lakes Golf Club after thinking she was going via a normal taxi.

Their intimate 15 guest ceremony included all of their closest family and it was just as emotional and special.

We then managed to head out down the gorgeous Autumnal lanes of Bearwood Lakes for a couple of photos before it turned dark.

There’s so many elements of a wedding date to still look forward to despite the restrictions and here are a few of my ultimate wedding favourites:

  • The anticipation the night before

  • A glass of fizz and some good tunes over breakfast in the morning

  • Professional hair and makeup pampering

  • Fabulous fresh flowers

  • Getting into your dress/suit and having a reveal to someone special

  • A stylish car to take you to your venue if you’re not already there

  • The first look at your husband/wife as you catch each other’s eyes at the aisle for the first time

  • Saying your vows and that first kiss

  • Your most precious new ring now proudly on your finger

  • Happy emotions with your nearest and dearest

  • Lots of drinks and chatting with your favourite people

  • Beautiful photographs

  • A delicious meal

  • Cutting a cake, speeches and having a first dance

It may not be the day you’ve always dreamt about due to number restrictions but at the end of any wedding day - when the fancy clothes are taken off and the cake is boxed up, the most important thing will still remain. You will officially be married and the start of a new life adventure has begun.

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