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So you're getting married in Winter? Whether it's a wedding with all the Christmas feels a New Years celebration, Valentine's wedding or perhaps you just love the Winter season with all the cosy that comes with it. There are a few things that can help prepare you for your Winter wedding and some top tips to ensure your photography is everything you wished for.

Winter in the U.K falls between December and March, having said that, depending on your venue and location, the weather, outdoor space and nature and can vary quite drastically in its 'winter feel' around these months of the year.

Coworth Park Winter Wedding

Above is a photo from a wedding at the very end of November on a grey day in the afternoon light just before it turned dark. As always with an experienced photographer who can assess the light and edit well, your photos can look bright and airy whatever the weather or season. July days can be rainy and grey and December days can be sunny and bright, we are in England after all!

// TOP TIPS //

1 - Embrace the theme!

If you're getting married between the end of November and beginning of January, it's likely your venue will be decorated for Christmas. This can work out quite well as a lot of money will have already been spent making the venue have that festive vibe. Check with the venue beforehand how the ceremony room will be set up in case they have Christmas decorations that you don't want in your photos.

2 - Decide your ceremony time wisely!

It's likely that you have booked me because you love the way that I edit my photos in that bright, fresh and airy style. Please note that for photos outside there needs to be natural light to achieve this overall look. If you're getting married at 3 and the sun sets at 4, the chances are all of your photographs will have to be taken inside, possibly with a flash. If that's okay with you then that's okay with me, I will always look for indoor spaces for group photos at venues in case of rain anyway.

However, being able to go outside for your group and couple portraits will always be preferable if these are the photos you love within my portfolio. Allow AT LEAST an hour (ideally 1.5-2) before the sunset after your ceremony is finished, you can check sunset times easily on Google if you're unsure when this will be on your wedding day. With the option to go outside for your photos you are guaranteed pretty, bright and airy photographs so eliminate the stress of it turning dark with an early ceremony.

3 - Prepare for wet and muddy ground!

If you're getting married in the winter unless it's frozen the ground is likely to be wet and muddy. Depending on your wedding venue, there may be beautiful outdoor spots that would mean we need to walk on said muddy ground for your photos. Just remember that you will never have this day again, so a tiny bit of wet or mud on the underskirt of your dress is not the end of the world - the dry cleaners can sort that out and it's unlikely you'll be wearing that dress anytime soon anyway.

Bring a pair of wellies or suitable footwear and a shawl to keep you warm and if you don't want to stand on the ground then an old bed sheet or cut open bin bag liner to go on the floor first is perfect. The main point of this top tip is to emphasise - don't let the weather stop you from having beautiful photos that will be loved forever. I'll have lots of clear umbrellas in the car too for back up!

4 - View your venue at the same time of year that you're getting married - if possible!

If possible, I would recommend that you go for a venue visit in the same month that you'll be getting married. This will give you a clear indication as to how the venue will look and you can plan your decor accordingly. There's no point only seeing it when it's beautifully green and surrounded by summer florals if you're getting married in January as it won't give you a realistic idea of the space and light.

5 - Embrace the weather - sparklers?

Opt for some fun photos that embrace the weather, that could be bridesmaid photos in fur shawls/denim/leather jackets or a sparkler exit in the evening instead of a confetti exit after your ceremony.

Venues in photos:

1 - Coworth Park, Ascot

2 - Cantley House, Wokingham

3 - Lillibrook Manor, Maidenhead

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